And if you know Bali, you know a menu wouldn’t be completed without a Vegan option. Carefully crafted for those with a conscientious mind who don’t like to skimp on quality.

Pricing from 450K IDR per person for mains and 100K for canapes.
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The Complete Bar package must be selected with any food package. Minimum order is 50 guests.

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Avocado & red bean sushi spoons w togarashi & black sesame

Root veg mini sate, cashew & coconut sauce, kalamansi lime

Jalapeno poppers w refried beans & smoky chipotle

Mixed mushroom chunky ‘duxel’, shallot & garlic crostini

Mini baked zucchini frittata with watercress & thyme

Green Endamame & pea falafel and mint drizzle

Chinese five spice tempeh, tamarind sauce, and celery leaf

Avocado mouse spoons, sweet & sticky dim sum chili




Chard Asparagus spears, shaved cucumber & broad bean

Spinach & cured tofu puffed triangles, white sesame

Panko quinoa balls, chive & onion, chili and apple jam

Celeriac & leek pakora, coconut raita, mango purée

Parsnip & palm sugar gratin, pomegranate molasses & chervil

Chargrilled Palm heart & Tofu cheese layers, pine nut & long pepper

Kale pesto & cauliflower mini pies, micro pickles


Butternut squash & apple gratin, apple cider soaked raisins

Cauliflower & walnut Stromboli w sun dried tomato & water spinach

Wild mushroom stuffed zucchini, chili, coriander & celery leaf

Aromatic braised lotus root w Sichuan pepper, choy sum & black bean


Chickpea & baby spinach w cashew & lime

Cauliflower ‘cheese’ w shallot & white truffle oil

Baby zucchini flower tempura stuffed with lemon rice

Baked mini potatoes with garlic & lime, parsley

Stir fried Pock Choy w black garlic and roasted cashew


Marinated tofu ‘feta’ & mandarin with candle nut and mixed leaves

Baby beetroot, sunflower & pumpkin seed vinaigrette, baby spinach

Chargrilled fennel, cold pressed avocado oil, hazelnut crunch and mizuna


Pecan pie, double pecan crisp, vanilla & sherry strawberries

Coconut banoffee pie, dehydrated mini bananas, miso caramel

Double choc and cacao nib cheesecake, fermented tofu

FOOD CART ‘Fast Food’


Mini dogs, smoked tofu snags, japanese mustard, caramalized onions

Mini burgers, mung, kidney & lentil du puy pattie, lombok chili dip, potato bun

Mini tacos, ‘el pastor’ korean soy curd, pinapple juice, corriander + soft taco

Mini roast tempe sish kebab, mint coconut cream & almond flour pocket

Grilled ‘vacon’ & tamari tofu skin BLT mini’s, melted fermeted red miso tofu




Chard Artichoke, braised leek & celery, chardonay juices

Roasted med veg, pine nut & tyme, extra viirgin & sea salt

Celeriac & pumpkin stacks, fennel seeds & lemon zest

Roasted baby roots, garlic, rosemary & argon oil

Salt & pepper caramelized water melon, tofu & lime ‘feta’

Braised bedugal cabbage & fennel shavings, poppy seed

BBQ pinapple, cripy sweet tempeh, basil and hot pickled tamari

Baked Malang apple ‘pilaf ’, cinamon stick, raisins, garam masala





Mex corn polenta, cherry tomato & chipotle

Spiced vegetable fritters w harissa & mint

Pickled watermelon and chili cucumber sticks

Smoked tofu & spoons w tamarind sauce


Mini wild mushroom and caramelized onion Sheppard’s pie

Eggplant & basil layer cake with heirloom tomatoes & polenta

Shiraz leaf dolmades w oregano oil, lemon & almond

Cured palm heart ‘crab cake’ mango & green papaya salsa


Vegetable Terrine, seasonal vegetables, walnut, raspberry & acai puree

Baked Japanese squash, chia seed, lemon gooseberry, goji berry & golden raisin

Russet potato & black garlic Spanish tortilla w caramelized red onion & macadamia

Long eggplant & fennel moussaka, rainbow chard, oregano and cinnamon

Clay pot casserole, zucchini, mini egg plant, tamari, star anise + salted egg

Sweet potato Enchilada, roasted pepper, coriander stalk pickles, cacao mole sauce

Giant leek, thyme & white wine ‘wellington’ with nutmeg spinach & roasted pepper


Baby carrot & radish, white sesame w ginger

Roasted squash w crispy bulgur wheat & lemon zest

Steamed zucchini w tahini & chick pea praline

Roasted red cabbage, caraway & cumin seed, crispy curry leaf

Creamy coconut mash ‘colcannon’ w kale and burnt onion


Silken tofu cheesecake, acai compote, vanilla caramel, tempeh biscuit base

Raw chocolate & salted caramel tart, lime ‘sorbet’ crunchy berries

Peach & Plum clafoutis, edible flower crisps, ‘Peach Melba’ fudge

Rhubarb & apple pannacotta, mulberry sauce, salt & pepper short bread

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