COVID-19 Update: April 2020

To all our valued Brides, Grooms and Corporate Guests,


I would like to take this opportunity to write to you all during these unprecedented and uncertain times to thank you for your continued support of our business in 2020 and 2021 and to discuss a few key items with regards to the next 12 months.


First and foremost, the health and safety of our clients, their guests, our staff and our partners is paramount. We hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and well during these times and encourage you all to adhere to the local, state and federal government guidelines to help bring a swift end to the isolation restrictions which have been placed on us all.


As of 13th March 2020, the offices of Last Hurrah are temporarily closed for face to face meetings, tastings and all non-essential services. We anticipate reopening in mid-July and this date will be reviewed as it approaches. Our administration staff are all working remotely and ready and available to support you via email, WhatsApp, through our website, Instagram and Facebook pages and additionally, through video conferencing where necessary.


Scheduling, Cancellations and Postponements


Our policy on our website and in our general terms and conditions of sale contract articulates how we handle postponements and cancellations for any force majeure event.


Over the past three weeks, I have personally spoken with most of you regarding your events. Our approach is to work with all clients to reschedule their events to a date in the future and we look forward working with you all in late 2020 and into next year.

We all very much appreciate the understanding and willingness to work with us to continue to host your events. It is critical to the sustained success of our business and critical to the Bali economy, which depends so heavily on tourism.


To this end, we have removed the 12 month period for rescheduling and removed the clause in relation to repeat reschedules. The result of this is that you are free to reschedule to any date and if that date needs to change multiple times, that is now accepted at no loss or penalty.

Please be advised that we will require rescheduled events to be advised in writing of your intent to reschedule no less than 30 days prior to the scheduled date. Final rescheduled dates can be agreed upon at a later time as long as the 30 days’ notice is provided in writing prior to the new event date.


For the remaining events in 2020


If you have already contacted myself or one of our team with regards to rescheduling to a later date, you should have seen an updated invoice (including those with a zero balance owing) with the amended dates. Please ensure you check and confirm the new dates are correct. Please contact us immediately if there are any errors or omissions on your event invoice.


For those of you that are yet to decide or are waiting to see how the events unfold, I would like to advise the following:


  • In the event that Australian borders remain closed 30 days prior to your event date, your event will need to be rescheduled. This is applicable for the remaining events in September, October and November.


  • In the event that the Australian border is open (for outbound travel for Australian residents) but the Indonesian Visa restrictions that are currently in force still apply 30 days prior to your event date, your event will need to be rescheduled;


  • In the event that you wish to proceed and payment has been made in full, you will have received the 10% early bird discount. Our policy indicates that a reduction in numbers is accepted no less than 30 days prior to the scheduled date and that the difference in cost for those reduced numbers, beyond the 10% discount value, will be refunded. For more details, please contact your LH representative directly;


  • For those clients that have paid in full and those with a balance deposit remaining, final numbers must be confirmed 30 days prior to the scheduled start date;


  • For refunds, a credit note will be issued within 7 days of the event date and refunds provided 30 days from the date of the credit note;


  • Last Hurrah reserves the right to postpone events at its sole discretion where there is a perceived or evident risk to the health and safety of its staff. Intention to postpone will be provided in writing no less than 30 days prior to scheduled event commencement date.



What we hope for

Right now everything is in a state of flux, with changes occurring daily. What we do expect is that the tourism industry will take a significant downturn globally for a period of time. How long that is, remains to be seen. We also are aware that Indonesian tourism data indicates that China, Australia and India are the top three countries of origin for travellers to Bali. With bans on Chinese nationals entering Indonesia and restrictions on Australians with respect to Visas and travel bans, this is going to curtail the Bali and broader Indonesian tourism sector for many months to come.

But Bali has been through challenges before.

What we ask of all our guests at this time is to consider the health and safety of you and your guests as paramount and then to consider the integrity of your event when making a decision on events in Bali. While restrictions may lift, confidence in the global community may not be restored immediately and this may have an adverse effect on people’s desire to travel, and your event.

Then we invite you to consider the thousands of Australian and Balinese small businesses in Bali and how this global crisis has already impacted on their livelihoods as well as the local Bali economy that they contribute to. When it is safe to do so, we encourage and invite you all back to Bali to celebrate together.

At Last Hurrah we are anticipating that Australian travel bans and warnings will be lifted systematically. Whilst the warnings and bans were put in place swiftly and globally, we expect particular countries in South East Asia and Europe to have travel warnings lifted later than other countries.

Until it becomes clear that Australia and the rest of the world has reached its peak infection and the number of reported cases show rapid decline for a sustained period, we are not expecting flights or warnings to be lifted. We are hopeful that Australia will reach peak infection before the end of May. As the three major Australian Airlines are currently anticipating a resumption of services by June we expect that business shall return to normal for the second half of the year.


In conclusion


Thank you all again for your support. It truly means the world to us right now.


We are happy to work with you on rescheduled dates at no loss or penalty.


Right now there is no clarity on when things will return to normal so we encourage you all to keep an open dialogue and remind you all that 30 days prior to your event is when we need to make decisions on how and when to proceed.

We are here to help, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team or contact me directly.


Stay safe and well.


Best Regards


Paul Doherty


PT Last Hurrah Bali


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