Introducing our styling department. A group of seasoned ace people from all over the world.
With all different types of experience.. With varying strengths, your team will bounce off each
other from dusk until dawn to create your absolute dream.

Why have us do your service area styling?
We do what we love and we love what we do..
It’s months of planning, hours to build and minutes to tear down
It’s early starts and late finishes
It’s missing meals and forgetting to hydrate
It’s working in the tropical heat, sometimes add rain
It’s heavy lifting, cuts, bruises, climbing ladders and stairs
It’s playing with flowers, fabrics, timber and paint
It’s working along side some of the most creative vendors on the island
It’s getting to know our clients and creating something amazing for them

and when it’s all done.. it’s standing back and loving what we have created
it’s seeing the looks on their faces as they walk in
it’s all more than worth it.


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