Update regarding 2019 Coronavirus 2019-nCoV

Update regarding 2019 Coronavirus 2019-nCoV

Last Hurrah are a registered entity in the Republic of Indonesia who provide culinary services to clients globally. With respect to current matters in relation to the World Health Organisations publications pertaining to the 2019 Coronavirus 2019-nCoV the organisation wishes to provide the following statement:


Bali, Indonesia

January 28th 2020

Revised March 13th 2020


Last Hurrah provides culinary services including food and beverage handling, preparation and service to clients worldwide. Last Hurrah has in place a stringent policy and procedures manual in relation to food safety hygiene, food service hygiene and personal hygiene standards. Whilst Last Hurrah operates out of Bali Indonesia, it cannot provide guarantees of the standards and levels of food safety hygiene in its supply chain, however Last Hurrah does adhere to the Food Safety Standards as set out in government article


Last Hurrah does not source meat or fish products from any live markets from anywhere in the world and the organisation only uses world leading vendors in its’ supply chain. All necessary and mandated health and safety standards are adhered to.

As per Last Hurrah’s cancellation policies in the Last Hurrah General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Last Hurrah will work with its clients on finding a suitable replacement date for any events affected by the 2019-nCoV virus or any other force majeure event as detailed in the terms. If the client elects to cancel the event in its entirety without rescheduling to an agreed alternative date, the standard cancellation and refund policies will apply.

Pertaining to the 2019-nCoV or any related or unrelated matter for event scheduling,  communication is key and early dialogue is encouraged for any client wishing to discuss change of event dates. As per our standard communication we strongly encourage all clients to undertake their own private insurance policies to cover for any loss in the event of ill health and other unforeseen events.


The advice being issued in relation to international travel is for countries to elect for volunteer screening at all international ports. Travel restrictions between Indonesia and Australia have not been enforced or recommended at time of writing.

However PT Last Hurrah Group strongly encourage guests to reconsider their travel plans at this time. Last Hurrah also recommends utilising the Smart Traveller website and the WHO website to monitor conditions globally if you do decide to travel. Bali is very stable currently however the risk factors are significantly higher and if the situation were to worsen it could become serious quickly.

In addition to this business and government in Australia are advising periods of self quarantine after travel which can have a negative impact on people’s desire to travel.

Last Hurrahs default policy is to work with all clients on a rescheduled date for their event without penalty.

The current update from the World Health Organisation and Smart Traveller can be viewed here:




Last Hurrahs standard terms and conditions of sale can be viewed here (and also in your signed contract):  http://lasthurrahbali.com/last-hurrah-group-general-terms-conditions-sale/

For any concerns or matters in relation to the 2019-nCoV virus and how it relates to your event please email info@lasthurrahbali.com or contact your LHB representative directly.


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